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Join our free community of personal development enthusiasts and action takers >> CLICK HERE.

Lacking Motivation To Achieve Your Goals? This Is Why

by | 18 May, 2023 | 1 comment

Is there a reason why you don’t feel motivated?

Have you attempted to solve those issues?

Well, motivation isn’t the only factor that restricts you from getting work done or achieving your goals. There can be many issues and problems interfering with your capabilities to achieve something. Besides, most people often put personal development at the bottom of their to-do list.

You must realise that there are different types of motivational factors. Two main categories of motivation include intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Both categories have important factors at play.

Intrinsic motivational factors involve performing a task that offers personal rewards. Let’s take the example of you going to a gym. According to the concept of intrinsic motivation, you’re joining a gym to become a better version of yourself. This type of motivation involves feeling good about yourself. Intrinsic motivation comes from your mindset.

On the flip side, extrinsic motivational factors imply performing a task to receive a reward (externally) and prevent any setback or failure. For example, you may start studying hard to get an “A+” on your next term paper. 

Although both motivational factors are different, they have their own impacts on your overall performance. Altogether, your motivation determines your willpower and ability to keep at a task, no matter how difficult or time-consuming it is. But what about when you can’t achieve a task or goal?

Many people assume that a lack of motivation is the only reason they can’t achieve something. Do you think so as well? Well, it turns out that there’s much more to it! 

Perhaps the task you’re trying to complete is different from what you normally do. That means you don’t have the skills to accomplish this specific activity that’s hindering your progress. 

Then, there’s a misconception that you need to be motivated before you get started. You’ve probably heard about it a lot…

Truth be told, you won’t get an instant surge of motivation before you start a goal or an activity. In fact, you can acquire it at a later stage once you start working on your goal. Phew! You just need a willpower and self-determination in order to start 😊

So, never beat yourself up that you can’t feel motivated to get closer towards your desired goal. Every effort you make is a block in the road (work in progress) you build towards the ultimate destination.

Motivating yourself to acquire new skills, grow personally and achieve goals is a part of personal development. Through self-improvement, an individual becomes capable of mastering their character traits and improving their weaknesses. 

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