Our Favorite Tools To Manage Your Personal Growth.

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You are rushing for self-improvement, becoming better each day, saving more money, seeking more happiness and building stronger relationships.

In this process of self-transformation, itโ€™s likely that you need support, guidance and a good plan. And while most people may immediately search for an app, there are other tools that can help you manage your personal growth successfully.

What matters is choosing an effective way of tracking your progress, improving your performance, handling stress, and facing obstacles. This method must work for you!

Let’s investigate some of the alternatives to track your personal development, and recommend our favorite one! 

1. Notepad & Paper

The simplest way of tracking your progress is by using a notepad and paper. You can carry it with you everywhere and track progress whenever you complete a goal or get a new idea.

It will help you remind yourself of the objectives you’ve set, make a plan to get them done, and visualise your progress… in a very old-fashioned, and probably most common way.

If you like the feeling of writing things down, this can be an excellent method to pick. However, it doesn’t have the same level of organisation and efficiency as most digital tools available.

2. Paper Journal

If you are on your self-improvement journey, then journaling is indeed a great way of tracking progress. It allows you to look back and reflect on what you have accomplished and how you felt during this process.

You can use it to record your thoughts, feelings, experiences, goals, successes, and failures. A journal is a personal space where you can explore everything that comes to your mind without judgment.

But you may not always have your journal with you, which doesn’t make it the most convenient alternative. 

3. Excel

The tech-savvy people love excel to create reports, tables and charts to keep a check on their progress and performance. It is an excellent way to organise thoughts and progress if you are working on multiple projects or goals at the same time.

You can use it to track habits, set goals, and evaluate your progress. The best thing about excel is that it offers customisation options. You can change the cells, colors, font size and even add automation. But without the proper knowledge of how it works, you’ll be left in the darkโ€ฆ

4. Digital App 

With a simple search, you’ll find thousands of alternatives to measuring your efforts. But are they all worth your effort?

The answer is NO.

But which one should you use?

This quest usually ends up with several downloaded apps and shattered information across all of them.

The result?

You give up on all of them and your personal development goals after a few weeks of switching between apps.

We believe in Potenic because we know the struggle of finding the perfect app. Spoiler alert: we have never found it, so we had to build it. 

Potenic will help you set your vision of better self, define your goals, set habit practices, record your growth progress and importantly, enjoy the journey while learning, improving and becoming better with each step in your personalised growth journey.

With effective tools, community support, and rich insights, you can conquer all your goals, reach your new identity, and bring your best version to the world.

Who would not want that?


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