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Why You Should Celebrate Yourself To Boost Your Personal Development Growth

by | 8 Jun, 2023 | 1 comment

Have you ever noticed how often you make yourself feel bad for not achieving something?  

When it comes to criticising yourself, maybe you are the first in line and can’t see how problematic that is. 

But when it’s time to praise yourself?

To feel proud of your achievements?

To celebrate your small wins? That’s a whole different story…

Weight Loss Story

Let’s say you are working hard to lose weight. It’s been months since you have joined the gym and the habit is getting stronger every day. 

In the start, there were no prominent results despite you being very consistent. But last week you noticed that you have lost a few pounds which is something that you should celebrate. 

Even though it sounds like a small thing, it’s an important change to your weight loss journey that you have worked hard to achieve and there are enough reasons to celebrate it fully. 

You may give yourself a cheat day where you can eat a brownie or go on a weekend road trip and indulge in a takeaway food. You’re celebrating your effort and persisitence to keep going… and those are enough reasons to throw a party. 

Celebrating small wins is an important part of the process to stay on track and reach big goals. It also makes you happy and appreciated, which is what matters the most. 

Benefits of Celebrating Small Wins  

Now you may have got an idea of why you should celebrate small wins but to further promote the practice, here are some amazing benefits to get you into the rhythm. 

The Motivation to Reach your Audacious Goals

 When you celebrate your small achievements, you feel a breeze of excitement, and a wave of motivation to reach the end goal. That’s the secret to maintaining the focus and staying positive. 

It also makes you realise that each audacious goal can be divided into smaller steps, each one worthy of a celebration. Yey! 

Ignite your Passion! 

It’s important to remind yourself of why you are struggling and with what intentions. You can do so by rewarding yourself, by keeping your passion alive, by enjoying the process, and not just looking for the final destiny while feeling tired and lost. 

Keep the ball rolling! 


Your Confidence Levels are Over the Roof 

You may not feel motivated and confident at all times due to emerging challenges, disappointments and failures. That’s normal, the path ain’t linear. 

But once you get into the habit of celebrating small wins, your confidence levels start compounding and you’ll get to a point where facing challenges is part of your new identity, just like celebrating your efforts no matter how big or small! 


Raise your Happiness Levels

You should feel proud of your persistence, hard work and commitment. So, no matter how small the win is, you deserve to celebrate, cherish your achievement, and incorporate the win into your levels of fulfillment.

And the cherry on top of the cake?


Celebrating inside a community of high achievers. That’s our promise with Potenic, the self-improvement app that cherishes your smaller wins with others, encourages you to build healthy long lasting meaningful habits, and guides you on a personalised journey of self-development.  

Are you ready to navigate your self-transformation journey and celebrate without guilt?

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