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Why Do People Fail To Grow Consistently? Learn How To Focus And Enjoy The Process Instead. 

by | 25 May, 2023 | 1 comment


Almost every person has a goal in life. You probably have it too.

Maybe, you worked on achieving it, failed, and thought you could not attain it at all. Don’t quit that fast, read on and find out what might be holding you back and how to grow consistently in life.

Goal setting is important, but around 70% of people fail to consistently work on them. You should have a clear understanding of how to grow in life and make your goals and aspirations come true. Sounds simple right, but what is the trick?

The truth is that most people fail in consistency, lose focus and stray away from their goals. The lack of a proper structure also matters a lot in developing yourself. 

Here is what’s stopping you from living your aspirations and personal goals:

Fear of failure or success

Many people fear failing and succeeding in life. They keep living in a comfort zone and don’t like anything that is connected to change. They are the first people to reject it and run away to hide in their comfort box. We’re sure you know some of these people…

Also, if you are a person who lacks self-belief, it’s unlikely you will be able to realise your potential. Bad news…but hey on the good side, it can be improved.

How, you ask?

Well, the first thing that you should do is to stop worrying about others thinking negatively of yourself, and instead stay focused on YOU. 

There is only one exemption to this: you’re encouraged to listen and take advice from people, who you know have your best interest at heart and are currently where you want to be, or they’re working on improving themselves continously. These people are gold mine, because they will push you and support you along the way.

A negative, procrastinating person won’t be able to succeed and grow in life, no matter what they do. This negative fixed mindset is what holds them down. Start believing in yourself and your abilities, take small consistent actions and then you will notice a positive growth and development.

Lack of proper framework

People write down their goals on a paper, set a completion date, and do everything else apart from actually working on it. Sounds familiar? It’s the problem of 99% of people!

We hate to reveal it to you, but you can never grow in a single day, and working towards your dream goals requires a proper framework and commitment from you.

You can’t just randomly do something and mark off a goal from your list. If you want to achieve what you truly want, build a proper schedule, and work step-by-step each day towards achieving your biggest goals. No one reaches the top in a single day, and following a well-thought out plan is important.  

Lack of commitment and consistency

Most people want to be happy, have a good quality of life and to fulfill their lifelong dreams. However, not everyone is committed and consistent towards growth.

Starting something is one thing but getting it done is what people fail at. Some start with total dedication, but within one week, they give up.

You need to show consistency and regular improvement if you want to grow in life. If you rather want to leave mediocre results behind and see real progress in your personal development, work smart every single day.

Lack of support

Teamwork makes the dream work. Whether it is a work project, sports, personal growth goals, or anything else, people need support and help with their goals.

You must surround yourself with the right people who want to support you, and push you to grow consistently in life.

If you have negative people around you, it is likely that they will try pulling you down and won’t let you focus on your growth. Try to connect with like-minded people and collaborate to solve each other’s aspirations. Sometimes, a challenge that cannot be solved alone can be overcome within minutes with a little accountability.

How can Potenic help you with self-growth?

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Through the app, you can:

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  • Meet passionate, like-minded people who want to grow and be successful, just like you.

Stop procrastinating, start where you currently are and maximise your abilities.

Potenic is here to assist you on your journey towards self-fulfilment.

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