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Why Enjoying Your Personal Growth Journey is a Must

by | 5 May, 2023 | 3 comments

When was the last time you completed one of your personal growth goals?

Odds are, it wasn’t recent. Studies show that 96% of people don’t even complete the personal growth goals that they start.

Find that hard to believe? Think about it.

Think about all of the personal growth projects you’ve started in your life. How many did you see through to the end?

Here’s another question for you: did you enjoy working towards those goals?

This question might surprise you — should you enjoy the process of completing your goals?

Yes, you should. And we’re here to tell you why.

Personal development is one of the most worthwhile pursuits in life.

In fact, more and more people have been investing in their personal growth in recent years. From books to podcasts to apps to life coaching programs, there are more ways than ever to pursue personal growth.

Even the term itself makes you tempted to chase it. Who doesn’t want to grow personally and professionally? We know you do.


The problem doesn’t lie with personal growth itself, but with our belief that we can’t be happy until we achieve our goals.

In our society, we put so much emphasis on being a high achiever. Oscar winners, Olympic medalists, and best-selling authors become our muses. “They achieved their goals, so you can, too!” Magazines tout.

So many set out to become these high achievers. If they fail, they only have themselves to blame. Many personal growth gurus will tell us that if we fail, we just didn’t have the discipline to complete our goals or wanted them badly enough.

But is this really the case?

Is achieving personal growth goals challenging for 96% of people because of their lack of discipline? Seems unlikely.

The fact is that personal growth is a continuous and never-ending process. This means that you spend more time in the “progress” phase of a goal than the “achievement” phase. If you complete a personal growth goal, there will always be another to complete. Then another. Then another! Sounds exhausting, right?

Some people go so far as to juxtapose personal growth and happiness, claiming that you can’t be happy while working on self-growth. When worded that way, why would anyone want to participate in personal development?

So how do we make the daunting task of this never-ending personal growth more pleasant? Or, dare I say, more fun?

By focusing on the journey and not the destination.

You’ve read it before on every cheesy greeting card, and maybe even on a needlepoint pillow on your Grandma’s couch: focus on the journey and not the destination. What does this mean practically?

When it comes to your personal growth journey, it means striving to enjoy the process instead of delaying happiness until you reach the end result. And have you ever wondered that you may not be happy after you reach your desired goals?

When you focus on enjoying the self-growth journey, you’re more likely to continue it, and even more likely to maintain the results you achieve. Instead of feeling guilty for not reaching that finish line for every goal you start, focus on enjoying every piece of the journey from setting the goal to seeing it through.

Ah, visualisations 🙂

People want to do more things they enjoy and less things that make them feel guilty.

What a revelation!

Here at Potenic, we understand that it’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of jumping from one goal to the next. We’ve been there! We’ve gotten stuck in the loop of not achieving our goals because we just weren’t enjoying the process. We also didn’t know the HOW…

Enough is enough, we say!

It’s time to change up the way we look at personal growth. It’s time to focus on the journey, not just the destination. And we’re here to help you do that.

We want to give you a supportive community that will help you actually enjoy your self-growth journey so that you don’t have to go through it alone. Sounds great, right?

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