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Why You Should Take Control of Your Self Growth

by | 6 Jul, 2023 | 1 comment

Would you allow someone else to control the food you eat?

Your clothes?

Your behavior?

Your hobbies?

No? Then why would you allow anyone else to control the direction of your personal growth? 

The lifelong personal growth journey can be both amazing and challenging. It involves analysing behaviors that are not helping you move forward and stepping out of your comfort zone to change them.

Sounds super simple and not scary at all, right? Why should reevaluating the core of who I am and facing my inner demons feel so uncomfortable?!

It’s no wonder that some people will bypass taking control of their personal growth journeys in favor of letting others decide their fate.

Have you ever left your self-improvement up to your employer or parents or someone else?

Did it make you feel comfortable and complacent that someone else was steering the ship?

In some ways, handing over control can be a relief. If you’re not the one in charge, you can’t be held responsible if the ship goes down. Whew!

However, this also means that you’re not controlling the direction. If you’re just coasting by, allowing other people to call the shots and define your future, you don’t get to choose where you end up.

What if the ship is dragging you somewhere you don’t want to go? Suddenly, that personal development no longer seems personal nor enjoyable.

Perhaps instead, you adopt a victim mentality and simply assume that you’ll never have true control over your self-growth. Instead of trying to improve yourself, you’d rather complain about your fate assuming it’s sealed.

This doesn’t sound too fun, does it? In fact, this can even be detrimental to your health!

But there is hope! On the flip side, it has been found that developing your mindset to feel like you have control over your life can actually make you more optimistic and maybe even live longer! Who doesn’t want that?

Imagine what could happen if instead you were taking full ownership of your personal growth journey?

Just imagine yourself taking charge…how would your life turned out? After all, self-growth for me might mean something different than it does for you. You wouldn’t let someone else decide everything else for you, so why would you pass on responsibility to someone else to make decisions for you?

Take the reins to ensure that the proverbial ship is going where you want it to go! Convinced that you need to take control of your own personal development?

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