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Potenic: Not Your Simple Habit Tracker To Manage Your Self-Growth

by | 2 May, 2023 | 0 comments

Habit trackers seem to be everywhere. Especially around New Years, plenty of ads and influencers pop up on our social media feeds talking about the best new ways to manage our habits and keep us on track when it comes to achieving our goals. 

“Do you want to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of?! Now you can, with this journal/app/other newfound way of tracking your entire life!”

Many people can be drawn in by these headlines, assuming that such tools will help them fix everything. Sure, you’ve never actually been able to stick to these goal and habit trackers before, but why not go out and buy every new app that comes out just to be safe? Not so fast!

While habit trackers seem like they should be great for everyone, the truth is that people form habits differently. This means that the habit tracking method that your best friend or your favorite influencer uses may not work for you. Every habit tracker offers different benefits and limitations, but only you can decide which is best for how you form new behaviors.

If you’re a visual person, habit trackers can be beneficial because you can actually see the progress you’re making towards your goals (which can be awesome for motivation, too!). They can help you break down your large goals into smaller, more manageable chunks, thereby helping you to recognise and celebrate your small victories along the way. Plus, your habit tracker can be like your built-in accountability buddy, reminding you regularly that you need to jump back into your goals and tackle them.

This all sounds great, right?

Now is it time to go out and search for every possible habit tracking technique and try them all at once?!

Don’t break out your wallet just yet!

Habit trackers are actually not for everyone. For instance, you may not like them if you dislike routine and find it boring. Maybe habit trackers would just make you feel pressured to complete every goal that you set out to do and blindly chase your goals (even if it would be beneficial to deviate from those goals in some way).

Instead of encouraging you to attain your goals, you might actually find trackers discouraging if you feel as though you’re constantly coming up short and not reaching the milestones you feel you should be reaching.

Who wants to feel like that?

Habit tracking is a personal thing, and everyone forms habits differently.

Getting trapped in a cycle of creating and tracking goals without flexibility and enjoyment can make you abandon your goals altogether.

This is why we created Potenic to help you take control back in your personal growth journey and enjoy it as you go along. With our customisable solutions, you can regularly assess the progress you’re making on your own personal growth goals and in your journey.

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